Arctic Warfare
Rifle Accessories

AW Rifle Accessories Price List

Aluminum transit case (olive drab or black) $571.91
Soft transit case $250.00
Fixed front iron sight $53.92
Fixed rear iron sight $132.10
Rotary rear iron sight $165.13
Pouch for iron sights (DPM camo) $20.25
Action cover (DPM camo) $75.28
Mirage band for AW or AWM $52.13
Muzzle cap $6.25
One piece AI scope mount with 1", 26mm, 30mm or 34mm rings $160.21
Quick detach scope mount $444.63
Spare 10rd 7.62x51mm magazine $55.29
Spare 5rd .300 Win Mag magazine $71.31
Spare 5rd .338 Lapua magazine $71.31
AI Parker Hale-style bipod $367.49
Handstop assembly $40.26
Handstop assembly with sling loop $59.96
AI sling (specify green or black) $69.19
AI carry harness $80.59
User maintenance kit for .308/.300 Win Mag $108.94
User maintenance kit for .338 $110.61
Schmidt und Bender 8x42mm AI Special Police scope $861.00
Schmidt und Bender 10x42mm PM MKII scope $1,092.00
Schmidt und Bender 3-12x50mm PM MKII scope $1,616.00

Items Available Only at the Time of AW Rifle Purchase

Adjustable cheekpiece assembly $174.95
Adjustable butt plate assembly $105.88
Folding stock

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