Accuracy International
Chassis System

AI now offers a modified version of their Artic Warfare rifle's chassis for use with Remington's widely-popular .308 M700 action. Known as the Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS), it offers many of the distinctive features of the AW rifle. In fact, the AICS is identical in every respect to the AW's chassis system in terms of quality and functionality.

The AICS accepts just about any .308 Remington that is built on an M700 action including the ADL, BDL, PSS, PSS-DM and the new PDM Light Tactical Rifle. Many of these rifles are shipped from Remington with H-S Precision stocks which feature an aluminum bedding block that alleviates the need for any type of glass bedding. The AICS is similiar in this respect, and an M700's installation procedure is very simple:

  • remove the two screws that secure the action to the existing stock,
  • lift the barreled action out of the stock,
  • set aside the magazine assembly (regardless of its configuration),
  • properly situate the barreled action in the AICS,
  • finally, secure the action to the AICS by using the two allen-head screws that are supplied with it. (This requires a 3/16" allen wrench.)

The AICS dispenses with the various types of magazine systems used in factory or custom M700s, and it instead uses a proprietary, 5-round, flush-fitting, detachable steel magazine very similar to that found on the AW. This magazine has an aluminum follower and a center feed design for reliable operation in any .308 M700 variant. The wide, serrated mag catch is located just in front of the trigger guard as on the AW. The AW's magazine system has been thoroughly tested under the most adverse conditions in at least 42 countries, and it has proven to be very robust. While AW and AICS magazines are not interchangeable, the AICS still offers the most functional and versatile magazine system ever designed for an M700. AICS kits are sold with one magazine, and extras are available on demand.

Each AICS is shipped with the two full-length polymer stock panels (in either olive drab, black or grey) already fastened to the black aluminum chassis by eight allen-head bolts. Installation of the barreled action does not require that these panels be removed. There is enough space between the forward portions of these panels and above the forward portion of the chassis to free float a full heavy 1.25" barrel.

The two panels form the trigger guard which is both wide enough to prevent a sling or other personal equipment from snagging the trigger and elongated enough to accommodate a gloved trigger finger. A keyhole-shaped port between the panels provides a channel for the trigger to arc back through during firing as well as sufficient area around the bolt catch to allow the user to remove the bolt while wearing gloves. The AICS is designed to accept most popular custom triggers including those made by Jewell, Shilen and Timney, among others.

The forward part of the chassis has provisions for mounting two of the most common types of bipods: those patterned after the Parker-Hale and those made by Harris Engineering. The Parker-Hale type bipod that is used on AWs includes a fixed spigot that extends rearward and locks into a port in the chassis' face, and the bipod is detached from the weapon by pressing a spring-loaded catch on the bottom of the chassis. Unlike the AW, the AICS also sports a mounting stud for Harris Engineering's wide range of lightweight bipods. AI offers both types of bipods as accessories for the AICS. (They offer Harris Engineering's newer Benchrest Swivel model which uses a dual spring-loaded platform that allows the user to cant the rifle slightly to the right or left.)

Just aft of the Harris bipod mounting stud is a rail that accepts an optional aluminum hand-stop which is available with or without a sling attachment point. The AICS is outfitted with front and rear steel, chassis-mounted sling points that protrude through holes that are molded into both sides of the stock panels. The AW's nylon sling with spring-loaded QD catches was designed for use with this system and is available in either black or olive drab.

As with the AW, the rear portion of the AICS has a very distinctive profile, and a close look at this area reveals ergonomics and human engineering that are superior to most other designs. AI's design team obviously employed a lesson that Steyr learned when creating their AUG: as long as you intend to injection mold a polymer stock, even with utility in mind, it is worth taking the time to sculpt it for maximum comfort and versatility. This is precisely what AI has done. The ambidextrous grip is comfortable and not oversized, the area on either side of the stock to the rear of the thumbhole flares out gradually so that is does not interfere with the shooter's wristbone and a hook in the bottom of the stock allows the shooter to tuck the rifle in tightly to the shoulder.

A raised cheekrest that is molded into the standard AICS stock panels offers ample eye relief with common optics and mounting systems. As an option for those who intend to use specialized sighting systems such as night vision devices, the AICS is available at the time of order with a cheek piece that adjusts both vertically and horizontally. The adjustment screws are recessed so as to not intefere with the stock's ambidexterity. Both cheek rests are comfortably contoured, and neither of them intefere with the removal of the M700's short-action bolt - an operation that the user can perform with the adjustable cheek piece fully raised.

The user can also adjust the rifle's length of pull by adding or removing spacers between the chassis and the soft rubber recoil pad. In either case, all that the user must do to access the spacers is remove the recoil pad with an allen wrench.

The AICS is currently available in its Stage I form: a fixed chassis for any Remington .308 M700 with a choice of green, black or grey stock panels. Also available on a limited basis is a Stage II variant featuring a chassis that is hinged at the thumbhole and folds to the left of the rifle. AI is further considering Stage I and Stage II variants for Remington M700s that are chambered in 30.06 and .300 Win Mag, though popular demand will ultimately determine if and when these become available.

The quality and functionality inherent to the AICS are guaranteed to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding users. It is a slightly-modified version of the same chassis system that Accuracy International supplies with their Artic Warfare rifle to tactical marksmen worldwide, and the concepts and construction of this system have been thoroughly tested under the harshest conditions. While some may consider the AICS cost-prohibitive, it offers the greatest value to those who wish to extend as many of the AW's advantages as possible to their Remington .308 M700s - right out of the box and with no gunsmithing required.

AICS and Accessories Price List

Stage I AICS including:
chassis assembly, 4 sling swivel attachments, bipod attachment fixtures for Parker Hale-style and Harris bipods, stock panels (specify green or black), butt spacers, recoil pad, 5-rd magazine, bedding screws, allen wrench and fitting instrunctions
Stage II AICS including:
chassis assembly with adjustable cheekpiece, 4 sling swivel attachments, bipod attachment fixtures for Parker Hale-style and Harris bipods, stock panels (specify green or black), butt spacers, recoil pad, 5-rd magazine, bedding screws, allen wrench and fitting instrunctions
Torque wrench for action installation (pre-set to 65 inch lbs.) $120.00
Adjustable cheekpiece assembly (available only at the time of AICS order) $188.00
Spare 5rd magazine $55.29
Handstop assembly $40.26
Handstop assembly with sling loop $59.96
AI Parker Hale-style bipod $396.05
Harris BR-S bipod $77.25
AI sling (specify green or black) $71.32
Mil-spec 1913 (Picitinny) scope rail $71.12
Schmidt und Bender 8x42mm AI Special Police scope $861.00
Schmidt und Bender 10x42mm PM MKII scope $1,092.00
Schmidt und Bender 3-12x50mm PM MKII scope $1,616.00

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