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The AW50 model

The AW50 rifle is based on the same design and ergonomic principles as the other rifles in the AW family and built to function reliably with all of the various types of .50 BMG ammunition. Its features render the cartridge more manageable while still maintaining maximum precision and strength. These include a built-in anti-recoil system, an adjustable third supporting leg to help with precise aiming, a folding stock for slightly compacted carry and an overall weight (excluding ammunition) of 15 Kg (33 lbs). An optional suppressor, which effectively reduces the rifle's report, muzzle flash, smoke and ground dust disturbance, only increases the overall length by 381 mm (15").

Typical sighting systems include a fixed 10x, a variable 3-12x or a variable 4-16x, each with .1 mil rad. or 1/2 MOA clicks, laser protection and a mil dot range finding reticle. These are secured by a one piece mount to a Picitinny-type rail. Iron sights are also fitted for emergency use.

The AW50 is supplied in a metal case that accomodates spare magazines, carrying handle, sling, cleaning and tool kits.

A padded soft case is available which will hold the rifle (folded) and all essentials. It can be carried by a sling harness on the shooter's back or attached to steel loops for parachute drops.

AW50 Technical Specifications

Caliber .50 BMG / AW50 Improved
Barrel length 27" (686mm)
Barrel twist 15
Barrel steel Stainless
Muzzle brake Yes
Bolt locking 6 lugs, 60° turn
Receiver Aluminum and steel
Stock Alloy chassis system with reinforced nylon stock support in black and green
Striker fall .33" (8.5mm)
Trigger Multi-adjustable two stage; weight: 3.3 lb (1.5kg) - 4 lb (1.8kg)
Saftey Mechanisms 2-way locks, bolt/firing pin and trigger
Magazine Detachable box type
Magazine capacity 5
Stock adjustment N/A
Bipod type and weight Quick-detachable, mulit-adjustable foldable, 1.1 lb (0.5kg)
Sight mounting Picitinny rail, one-piece mount
Optical sights Mil spec Mk II in 6x, 10x, 3-12V and 4-16V
Iron sights Standard
Sling connection points 4
Overall weight 33 lb (15kg) including bipod
Overall length 56" (1,420mm) / 46" (1,170mm) folded
Quality ISO 9001
Interchangeability Full
Expected MRBF (excluding barrel and suppressor) › 20,000
Role Green
Normal Maximum Range 1,500m - 2,000m
Muzzle suppression Optional
Folding stock
length reduction / weight addition
10" (250mm) / N/A

information courtesy of Accuracy International Ltd.

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