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'AWS' - The Integrally-suppressed AW

The AWS is specifically designed for use with subsonic ammunition which, depending on the target, gives an effective maximum range of around 300m. To ensure maximum precision, longevity and readiness, the suppressor utilizes a baffle system rather than disposable neophrene wipes. Its noise levels are similar to those that are generated by .22 LR match ammunition. Subsonic ammunition has steep trajectories, so some form of accurate ranging is necessary to ensure first-round hits. The new Mk II sight with parallax adjustment helps with this in the absence of a dedicated rangefinder. A fixed power 6x or the 3-12x50 variable are ideal optics for this rifle, as it is intended for close work and low power gives a wide field of view and close range focus.

The weapon is fitted with a special barrel and an integral suppressor which keeps the weapon's overall length within normal limits. The user can remove the barrel/suppressor combination and replace it with a standard AW or AWP barrel in about three minutes. As with all such systems, the sight will need re-zeroing after a barrel change. Also, a slightly higher sight mount may be necessary to ensure that the suppressor does not intefere with the optics' objective lens.

The rifle is normally supplied in a metal transit case complete with spare magazines, butt spacers, sling, cleaning kit and tool kit.

AWS Technical Specifications

Caliber .308 Win
Barrel length N/A
Barrel twist N/A
Barrel steel Stainless
Muzzle brake N/A
Bolt locking 3 lugs, 60° turn
Receiver Integral sight rail, maximum barrel support, wrought steel
Stock Alloy chassis system with reinforced nylon stock support in black and green
Striker fall .26" (6.5mm)
Trigger Multi-adjustable two stage; weight: 3.3 lb (1.5kg) - 4 lb (1.8kg)
Saftey Mechanisms 3-way safety catch locks firing pin and bolt, gas shroud and vents, tight-fitting enclosed bolt
Magazine Detachable box type
Magazine capacity 10
Stock adjustment Length (optional cheek piece)
Bipod type and weight Quick-detachable, mulit-adjustable foldable, 1.1 lb (0.5kg)
Sight mounting AI rail, low profile, one-piece mount
Optical sights Mil spec Mk II in 6x, 10x, 3-12V and 4-16V
Iron sights N/A
Sling connection points 4 + 1
Overall weight 13.2 lb (
Overall length 47" (1,200mm)
Quality ISO 9001
Interchangeability Full
Expected MRBF (excluding barrel) › 20,000
Role Black
Normal maximum range 300m
Muzzle suppression N/A
Folding stock
length reduction / weight addition
8" (200mm) / .44 lb (0.2kg)

information courtesy of Accuracy International Ltd.

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