Precision Rifles for
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Pictured above is the AWM-F in .300 Win Mag that has been chosen by the German Army as their new tactical rifle, the Scharfschutzengewehr G22, to be delivered in 1997/98. The rifle is based on a standard AWM-F, 'customized' with tool-less adjustable butt and cheekpiece, extending 'spike'folding stock and bipod. Special mounts that are fitted to the forend allow for the attachment of night vision optics which can be used in conjunction with the standard optics.


The AW rifle technology still forms the basis for all the current precision rifles produced by Accuracy International. The special features, quality and performance which place the AW above all its competitors in trials are found in each member of Accuracy International's tactical rifle family. The design has been proven in countless environmental and endurance trials and deployed successfully in every part of the world.

The system has been under constant development, review and improvement since its conception as a revolutionary new design in 1982. This benchmarking philosophy of designers and engineers at Accuracy International has resulted in sales to over 40 countries - probably more sales that those achieved by any other single manufacturer. It also amply illustrates the flexibility and variety within the basic design.

The AW system is an integrated action body and chassis system housed in molded, reinforced nylon stock panels. This massive and rigid system provides a very stiff support for the heavy stainless steel match grade barrel. Because of this design, precision is determined by the barrel only - no other factor plays a degrading role in accuracy. A NATO test center has conducted accuracy, velocity and 'Mean rounds before failure' tests to 25,000 rounds and confirmed this unique attribute, while at the same time showing just how tough and durable the basic design is.

The butt pad, spacers, cheekpiece (if fitted) and bipod are bolted on to the chassis system, and it is this particular feature which allows such a range of production customising features.

Accuracy International recognizes that precision and flexibility are highly prioritized by the personnel worldwide who often face wide-ranging defensive tasks. With this in mind, the AW's bolt and action system has been constantly refined for increased safety, precision and flexibility - to be operable in ice and dirt, yet be smooth, easy to use and simple for the soldier to understand. The turn-bolt design, well known as the only system to produce ultimate precision, also has other important advantages. Apart from being the strongest design, it is also the safest and most reliable available for precision work, and it will function better with different ammunition types than any other design.

All of the AW type rifles include an integrated telescopic sighting system, the Mk II 'military' sight, designed by Accuracy International and produced for them by Schmidt und Bender of Germany. It features special zeroing, reticle and ranging features and the best possible optics, all in a robust, short, light weight, weather resistant housing. The Mk II is available in fixed power 6x42 or 10x42 and variable 3-12x50 or 4-16x50. Special features included as standard in all the Mk II sights include:

  • Special ranging AI mil dot reticle which is designed so that if the target can be seen in the dark, so can the reticle.
  • Large adjustment drums calibrated in 0.1 mil rad. or 1/2 MOA clicks and marks, with an additional 'fail safe' range scale on the elevation drum to match certain types of ammunition in AW rifles. Both windage and elevation drums have ± 20 MOA or ± 6 mil rad., and 65 MOA or 13 mil rad. respectively, all between positive stops in one turn. This unique adjustment system gives the operator fine click adjustment yet enough movement for the longest ranges, and, being within one turn, substantially reduces the risk of an incorrect setting (possible on some other sighting systems) by a user under pressure.
  • A unique parallax adjustment system fitted to the variable sights, together with the special high quality optical array, actually assists in range finding.
  • Light transmission exceeds 90%, yielding superb dusk and night shooting capability.
  • A laser filter.
  • An objective lens hood extension is provided as a sunshade and also serves to keep rain off of the front lens.
  • A 'quick' focus at the eyepiece so that the user can always sharpen the reticle image if necessary.
  • A one-piece interface mount which optimizes the position and function of the sight relative to the rifle and the ammunition to be used in it.

information courtesy of Accuracy International Ltd.

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