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'Coopermatch' Series Rifles for Target Sports (sling supported)

The double Olympic and eight times World Champion rifle shooter, Malcolm Cooper, and his design team at Accuracy International have pooled their knowledge and expertise from their successes in the target and tactical fields to produce rifles which exactly suit the needs of various specialist target rifle disciplines.

The Coopermatch rifle system includes all the features which Malcolm developed and tested over a twenty year international career during which he won six World Championships, eleven World Records and twelve European Championships in 300M centrefire rifle competitions alone. He achieved four gold medals and three world records with one of the prototype "standard rifles", the design the design which forms the basis for the complete line of 'Coopermatch' target rifles.

Techical Information

The action body is produced from hardened ordnance steel and is equipped an integral sight rail which fits most commercially available micrometer sights. A scope mount is supplied with every rifle so that a telescopic sight can be easily fitted. 'Recoil stops' are cut into the sight rail to prevent any movement of the scope during ammunition and barrel testing. Manipulation and functioning of the bolt is extremely smooth.

Accuracy International fits the highest quality stainless steel match barrels to their Coopermatch series. These barrels are fluted for optimum heat dissipation as well as to allow for increased diameter and stiffness without the penalty of increased weight. A gunsmith can quickly and easily change the barrel without employing any special fitting techniques. This ease of barrel exchange allows the shooter to keep one barrel for competition and use another for training. Such a capability assists considerably with barrel selection or ammunition optimization.

The bolt has 6 lugs on 120° centers which yields a high degree of strength and safety with minimum movement for the shooter (60° bolt swing) during bolt manipulation. Lock time is short.

The sight rail is integral with the action and will accept most target sights. A one-piece 1", 26mm or 30mm scope mount is supplied as part of the package to allow easy use of a telescopic sight for accuracy testing.

The trigger is a robust, fully adjustable, two stage type with an adjustable trigger shoe. It is extremely safe and fast, and it maintains its adjustment.

The stock is yet another manifestation of Malcolm's many years of competition shooting. Made of robust, laminated wood to complement the strength and stability of the barrelled action system, it features an 'Anschutz' accessory rail which accepts a wide array of commercially available small bore accessories. The butt plate assembly is adjustable for length, height, offset and angle and the cheekpiece can be adjusted for height, width and twist. It is available in 2 configurations: a UIT type that is ideal for 3 position shooting and a prone-only type as featured on the NRA version of AI's Palmamaster. (The various 'Coopermatch' stocks are also available in walnut.)

Accuracy - Each rifle is function and accuracy tested to ensure that it lives up to the performance capabilities of the best ammunition available.

Quality - Accuracy International is registered with the recognized International quality standard ISO 9001 which regulates design and manufacture. Because of the exacting design and very close manufacturing tolerances of Accuracy International's products, all rifle components including barrels and bolts are fully interchangeable. No hand fitting or adjusting is used in manufacture, and none is required in repair.

information courtesy of Accuracy International Ltd.

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