H-S Precision's Pro-Series and Pro-Series 10X cut-rifled barrels are recognized worldwide for quality and accuracy. Pro-Series barrels are entirely match-grade, meaning that they posess an end-to-end uniformity of 0.0002" and an exceptional internal finish. The cut-rifling process, when combined with the hardest 416R stainless steel used by any match-grade barrel manufacturer, insures maximum accurate barrel life.

Standard button-rifled barrels require a significant amount of hand lapping to ensure uniformity, and extensive lapping rounds the corners of the lands thus reducing barrel life. In contrast, cut-rifled barrels require very little lapping, because they are extremely uniform when the rifling process is complete. H-S Precision is the only barrel manufacturer that totally controls all of the manufacturing processes, including the design and manufacture of all tooling such as bore and chamber reamers, quality control gages and manufacturing fixtures. H-S Precision does not recommend any type of post-manufacturing barrel treatments such as Cryogenics or other "miracle" processes. We have a fully-staffed Quality Assurance Department and maintain accurate records on every barrel that we manufacture. Pro-Series 10X cut-rifled barrels are designed and manufactured to reduce gas leakage around the bullet, to reduce bullet uspset and to reduce barrel fouling. These aims are achieved by incorporating a small radius at the intersection of the land and groove during the manufacturing process. Pro-Series 2000 10X cut-rifled barrels are used on Pro-Series 2000 firearms to ensure the ultimate accuracy from every gun.

Cut-Rifled and 10X Cut-Rifled Barrel Specifications
  • Material - Crucible 416R or 416 stainless steel, 28 - 32 Rc, 1.25" diameter
    • Tensile strength - > 140,000 psi
    • Yield strength - > 130,000 psi
    • Elongation - > 16%
  • Bore diameter - SAAMI mininum +0.0003 - 0.00"
  • Groove diameter - SAAMI mininum +0.00 - 0.0003"
  • Number of grooves - SAAMI spec
  • Twist - As specified
  • Contour and Barrel Lengths - see price list for chart
  • Quality control - Procedures comply with all applicable ANSI-Z standards

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