H-S Precision is the world's leading supplier of pressure, velocity and accuracy test barrels. Ammunition companies such as Olin, Remington, Federal, Hornady, PMC, Black Hills and powder companies such as Primex (Winchester powers), Hodgdon, IMR and Accurate Powders all specify H-S Precision ballistic test barrels for their critical quality control requirements. We also supply test barrels to numerous domestic and foreign government agencies.

H-S Precision's ballistic test barrels are manufactured with the same exacting precision as our Pro-Series match grade barrels, though they must all conform dimensionally to SAAMI, CIP or military drawings. We use only 416 or 416R stainless steel that is heat-treated and stress-relieved to our specifications. H-S Precision produces ballistic test barrels in all calibers ranging from 17 Rem to 50 BMG. Shotshell and rifled shotgun barrels are also available. H-S Precision's production of all necessary tooling, such as reamers and rifling heads, coupled with the cut rifling process, facilitates the production of virtually any experimental or prototypical barrel in a timely manner. H-S Precision also installs any type of pressure port and can supply piezo plugs and pressure pistons.

Ballistic Test Barrel Specifications
  • Material - Crucible 416R or 416 stainless steel, 28 - 32 Rc, up to 2.25" diameter
    • Tensile strength - > 140,000 psi
    • Yield strength - > 130,000 psi
    • Elongation - > 16%
  • Calibers - All SAAMI, including shotshell and military up to 50 cal
  • Bore diameter - As specified, usually +0.0005 - 0.00"
  • Groove diameter - As specified, usually +0.0005 - 0.00"
  • Number of grooves - As specified
  • Groove width - As specified
  • Contour - As specified
  • Pressure ports - As specified
  • Quality control - Procedures comply with all applicable ANSI-Z standards

In 1988, H-S Precision introduced ballistic range testing equipment and fixtures designed to compliment its line of ballistic test barrels. Equipment is available for pressure and velocity testing, NIJ body armor testing, ballistic armor testing and extreme accuracy testing. Our engineering department can design custom fixtures for many types of special application testing.

  • Universal receiver, mounting stand and mounting bracket
  • Rim fire barreled action and mounting bracket for frag simulation testing
  • Return to battery assembly (base and slide) for accuracy testing
    • Quick-change mounting plates for various applications
    • Firearm holding fixtures for various accuracy applications
    • Extremly accurate, < 0.0005" repeatability
    • Windage and elevation adjustments
  • Fixtures for National Institute of Justice (NIJ) body armor testing
  • Fixtures for ballistic armor plate testing
  • Laser Aiming System

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